For GT Polifilm the protection of the environment and the conscious use of resources are objectives of primary importance that the company is committed to pursuing.

To minimize its environmental impact, GT Polifilm:

  • Uses only biofuels and bioliquids and has cancelled the use of fossil fuels (ISCC+ certification)
  • Choose materials from responsibly managed forests, directly controlled sources or recycled materials, always ensuring maximum quality (FSC certification)
  • It caters exclusively to responsible and certified suppliers in respect of the environment
  • It is organized with production processes also aimed at recovering 100% of solvents and minimize waste of material and energy
  • Commits to produce using clean energy and minimizing CO2 emissions

GT Polifilm is also committed to minimizing the impact of packaging while safeguarding consumer and product safety.

Discover GT Polifilm’s polypropylene and paper packaging

Packaging polipropilene crackers
Packaging polipropilene cioccolatini
Packaging polipropilene snack
Packaging carta merendine
Packaging in Carta Pasta
Packaging Polipropilene caramelle
Packaging Merendine Poilpropilene
Packaging polipropilene Pasta
Packaging Polipropilene Patatine