FSC GT Polifilm

GT Polifilm received in July 2021 the FSC™ certification, which attests that the materials used by the company come from responsibly treated forests.

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In 2021 GT Polifilm received the ISCC+ certification no. PL214-96520421 from Bureau Veritas Polska Sp. z o.o. , attesting to the company’s commitment to use biofuels and bioliquids to replace fossil fuels.

BRC GT Polifilm

In 2011 GT Polifilm obtained the BRC/iop n Brciop026 certification from CSI Cest which ensures the careful management of food safety hazards arising from packaging or packaging materials.

GT Polifilm has received in 2008 the certification UNI EN 15593 n renda. IGP00610 from CSI Cest that guarantees the hygiene and safety of materials intended for contact with food.

In 2008 GT Polifilm received the ISO 9001 certification No. 176525 from Bureau Veritas Italia SPA which attests the efficiency of the production, sales and purchase processes.

In 2004, GT Polifilm received the ISO 14001 No. 176525 certification from Bureau Veritas Italia SPA, which attests to the company’s commitment to reducing waste, improving the company’s image and reputation, as well as preventing environmental emergencies.