GT Polifilm strongly trusts that Quality is an essential feature and part of the history and character of the company. Every year, GT Polifilm measures the processes because quality is not an accident, it is always the result of intelligent effort

In 2021, GT Polifilm reached a reduction of waste and a Customer Quality Index close to Zero (quantity shipped / quantity claimed = 0.02%) consolidating the results of previous years.

We know that the comply with the requirements not assure Quality and not even Zero claims mean assure the Quality because it is something far more complex: quality is satisfying the needs of customer and exceeding his expectations while continuing to improve and it is what the customer is able to get out of the product both emotionally and physically.

We know, also, that the moment you praise and celebrate yourself, you cause a great damage to your quality. For that reason, we have asked our customer to judge GT Polifilm.

Our customers have evaluated that the products, the service, the relationship, the communication and overall, the company reach a satisfaction level of 85/100; even if slightly below last year (91/100), still excellent.

In the race to reach the Quality, we haven’t a measurable goal but only to satisfy completely and continuative our Customer.

PS: you have noticed that in the piece we have quoted some ideas or sentences of the Guru of Quality (Italic) to whom we are grateful