GT Polifilm, attentive to the environment and the sustainability of its products, guides customers to choose packaging up to 100% recyclable.

Reduce: thanks to the controlled production technology and the experience of the property that manages the factory directly, GT Polifilm is able to suggest the structure that reduces the amount of packaging per unit of packaged product without sacrificing food safety and quality. The customer has guaranteed to minimize the commitment of raw materials

Reuse: GT Polifilm reuses 100% of the solvents recovered from raw materials in its production cycle minimizing the environmental impact as well as reducing production costs

Recycle: thanks to the advice of GT Polifilm, the packaging can always reach 100% recyclability, always in compliance with customer requests

GT Polifim to minimize the ecological impact of packaging offers:

  • Recyclable polypropylene film
  • High barrier monopoliolefine film (100% polypropylene) to gas and light that can replace non-recyclable three-layer films (Outer Film / Al / Sealing Film)
  • Industrial compostable film to reduce greenhouse gases and in particular carbon dioxide
  • Laminated film of recycled polypropylene suitable for direct contact with food and certified ISCC + and therefore free from plastic tax (UK)
  • Laminated film Paper + plastic, to reduce the percentage of packaging
  • Other film solutions are available and can be developed according to customer requirements

Discover GT Polifilm’s polypropylene and paper packaging

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