Before even being a supplier, GT Polifilm is at the service of its customers to guide and support them in the packaging production process. 

GT Polifilm is a “tailor” of packaging supporting clients in: 

  • Choosing the most suitable raw materials
  • Choosing the best industrialization of your creativity
  • Choosing the cheapest supply routes
  • Choosing the correct purchase lot

GT Polifilm listen to the needs of its customers and assures them the shortest response timing 

Do not hesitate to contact GT Polifilm for a first consultation without obligation


Discover GT Polifilm’s polypropylene and paper packaging

Packaging polipropilene crackers
Packaging polipropilene cioccolatini
Packaging polipropilene snack
Packaging carta merendine
Packaging in Carta Pasta
Packaging Polipropilene caramelle
Packaging Merendine Poilpropilene
Packaging polipropilene Pasta
Packaging Polipropilene Patatine