Raw materials and finished products stock

Unlike most of its competitors, GT Polifilm does not follow the logic of “Just In Time”, but maintains a minimum level for the repurchase high enough to ensure its customers short delivery times and always stable prices.

Stock Raw Materials: not having to succumb to the logic of “Just in Time”, GT Polifilm always optimizes the minimum purchase lots of raw materials ensuring the supply even in periods of high volatility in prices and scarcity of material!

Even in the management of warehouses, GT Polifilm always cares about its customers!

Discover GT Polifilm’s polypropylene and paper packaging

Packaging polipropilene crackers
Packaging polipropilene cioccolatini
Packaging polipropilene snack
Packaging carta merendine
Packaging in Carta Pasta
Packaging Polipropilene caramelle
Packaging Merendine Poilpropilene
Packaging polipropilene Pasta
Packaging Polipropilene Patatine